NU Coaching

Nature Unplugged is focused on creating healthier relationships with technology and inspiring a deeper connection to nature. Our work is built upon three main components: mindfulness, mindset and movement. The ability to cultivate and integrate all three is essential for balanced living and peak performance. We'll work with you to identify and develop your goals, which includes creating actionable steps and guidance on how to achieve them. We recommend and offer 4-session and 8-session packages. All sessions are 1 hour.  

What is coaching?

Coaching is an emerging field that is increasingly utilized by professionals, athletes, and students. In ways it is similar to consulting and therapy, but it has some very important differences. Most notably, it is present-to-future oriented and the coach-client(s) relationship is a partnership. We’ve attached a diagram to help further illustrate the differences between these professions. Additionally, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you via phone or in-person to see if it might be a good opportunity and fit. 

"Coaching as Capacity Building" Non-profit Quarterly (May, 2013)

How do I book coaching sessions?

We offer individual and group/family sessions. Contact us to inquire!