Surfing Testimonials:

"I took a private lesson with Sebastian when I was in San Diego on a business trip.  Couldn't think of a better way to spend a few morning hours before a long day of meetings. I've attempted surfing a few years ago in Costa Rica and Hawaii but still definitely a beginner.  And, always a little sketched out in bigger waves.  Sebastian made me comfortable and at ease before we even got in the water. His knowledge of the waves and ocean and his overall style really made the difference. He helped me with much more than the mechanics of surfing and paddling but taught me how to read the waves and ocean conditions. It's much more than a surf lesson with Nature Unplugged. It's a great experience and connection with the ocean and that is something that stuck with me well after the lesson. Sebastian is the best!!"



"My two girls, 5 and 8 still talk about they time they spent on the water with Sebastian.  My 5 year old had never surfed and by the end of her first day was standing up and grinning ear to ear.  She is also the most suspicious of new people.  Sebastian won her over quickly and at the end gave him a big hug."



Yoga/Wellness Coaching Testimonials:

“Meeting Sebastian has changed my life in so many ways! I now have
ability and the right mind-set to handle all the challenges life
throws my way.  Every hour with Sebastian is a journey at the end of
which I am empowered to make the most of every day and live life more
fully!  I no longer feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities and
obligations but more importantly, I have really changed both
physically and emotionally. I am a better person who has learned to
value myself and to make the most of all my relationships.  I am
forever grateful to Sebastian for giving me the tools and training to
lead a happier life!”



"There aren't words to fully express my gratitude for having Sebastian
come into my life and completely change not only how I treat myself
but also, how I treat the rest of the world.  A serious physical
injury had taken it's toll on me in every way until I felt I was no
longer able to cope with things or enjoy the great life I was blessed
with.  Many attempts to revive my spirit and reshape my body were
unsuccessful and left me feeling frustrated and defeated.  Just when I
felt like I couldn't take anymore, I met Sebastian and my whole world
changed.  The transformation took place almost instantly and before I
knew it, I found the me I had always wanted to be. Confident,
positive, energetic, happy and more mindful of my needs and the needs
of those around me.  I have reconnected to my spirit and to all living
things in the world.  My time with Sebastian is always both an
adventure and an opportunity to learn and grow.”


“I met Sebastian Slovin in May 2009.  I was going through a very
difficult divorce process and he was teaching a yoga class in Del Mar
that I attended. Sebastian has integrated many of his other skills and expertise into
his therapeutic role.  Through his guidance I have achieved peace of
mind, postural awareness, more flexibility and better overall fitness.
I highly recommend Sebastian Slovin.”