What IS Nature Unplugged?

by Sonya Mohamed & Sebastian Slovin

What is Nature Unplugged? Well, it’s a lot like it sounds. (We hope).

Originally envisioned by Sebastian as a way to encourage mindfulness through movement, Nature Unplugged began by offering group and private surfing, yoga, stand up paddle and hiking sessions in San Diego, CA. His primary focus was helping folks gain awareness of their bodies and connect with the diverse and beautiful nature around them.

The Nature Unplugged we bring to you today does not deviate in its attention to nature, movement and mindfulness - those concepts live on and are essential to our work (and our health and happiness). What’s new is our interest in moving from larger abstract ideas to practical and accessible activities. Many, many conversations – often frustratingly circular and lacking progress – kept us pondering what it was exactly that moved us personally from thought to action. Patience? Time? Motivation? To echo an earlier blog, believing in something is easy, but embodying and living that belief can be challenging.  

Our personal experiences have taught us that patience, time and motivation are all important – but without the right tools, support, and guidance, it can feel impossible to take the first step. So, our goals are to (1) guide you through exercises and activities to get you started, (2) provide you with helpful tools to make positive and thoughtful changes in your life, and (3) offer our individual support and connect you to a growing community working toward a similar goal.

Currently, we’re in the process of creating and testing a 10-week interactive program that aids in unlearning harmful habits and beliefs and relearning with intention. The values that we're working to cultivate in others (the same ones that have brought us our current happiness, health and success) are mindfulness, movement, and mindset. Inspiring and nurturing these values will be done by simultaneously increasing your time outdoors and raising your awareness of the devices and technology in your daily life.

As we put this 10-week program together, we want (and need) your feedback! Please, tell us what you think. Does this resonate? What obstacles do you face in your day-to-day life that keep you tethered to tech or from spending time outside?