Healthy Relationships with Technology

by Sebastian Slovin

What does a healthy relationship with technology look like? Our mission at Nature Unplugged is to promote wellness through healthier relationships with technology and a deeper connection to nature. Part of our work is helping clients’ see more clearly where technology is benefiting them and where it isn’t. And we support them in creating a plan to become the driver in their relationship with technology instead of the passenger. In cultivating healthier relationships with technology there isn’t one cure-all. Like diet or exercise, what each individual needs is unique to them.

In a recent New York Times article: Our Love Affair with Technology is Over, author David Sax explores why there has been an increase in popularity of analog items like old fashioned print books, journals, and vinyl records. Sax makes a great case for seeking balance between digital and analog. While tech and screens and apps will continue to have their place, it’s interesting to explore where we can slow down, breathe, and do things the old fashioned way.

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