NU Quick Tips: Netflix

by Sebastian Slovin

Here at Nature Unplugged we're always looking for ways to cultivate healthier relationships with technology. A lot of the time that means focusing on (and practicing) unplugging - getting away from the computer, video games, television, phone, and tablet and getting outside.  We also like to explore ways to use the technology we love and do so with awareness and with (conscious) choice.

On that note, we'd like to introduce a new blog segment we're calling: NU Quick Tips. Our goal with this is to offer practical and tangible tips on how to have healthier relationships with technology and build a deeper relationship with nature. To kick it off, we are going to focus this blog on Netflix (and other streaming apps).

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with Netflix. On the one hand, Netflix offers awesome and entertaining shows, movies, and documentaries. On the other, it can easily become a vortex, where all of a sudden it's 2am and you've watched an entire season of The Office. We know that Netflix (like other entertainment technology) is designed and programed to keep you on the site/app and to keep you watching. In many ways this design is created specifically to undermine our self control.

Here are a few simple and powerful tips to take back control while watching Netflix.



Auto-Play is the function that allows the next episode or program to play after one finished. Auto-Play is often on by default so you have to manually turn it off - Here's how to turn it off

Note: You can only access your profile online at You can't change the Autoplay settings through Apple TV or a device like that. In Account, go to Playback Settings and uncheck the Auto-Play box.

Netflix Auto-Play


Any good show, movie, story, will start with a hook to get you in and end with a cliff hanger (or a taste of what's to come) to keep you wanting more. Because of that we all know how hard it is to say no after an exhilarating ending of Stranger Things. So many questions about the next episode...Why does everything bad always happen to Mike? What is the upside down exactly?

What to do: End (press pause/stop) at a low point in the action in the middle of the episode. This way you still get all the action but you won't have to struggle with the cliff hanger at the end (or hook in the beginning if it's on Auto-Play)

Good luck, stay away from Auto-Play and let us know if you found these tips helpful or if you have any you'd like to share.

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