Episode 012: Interview with Dr. Mark Kalina

In this episode we have the privilege of connecting with Dr. Mark Kalina. We explore his 30 years of experience in medicine and how nature and technology play a role in his life and work.

Dr. Mark Kalina did his training in Internal Medicine at UCSD during the AIDS era (before real treatment was available) while also ravenously studying and actively incorporating psychology, spirituality and integrative medicine in all its forms and fashions over the past 30 years, he has a burning passion to help bring a new consciousness to medicine, primary care, health and healing. 

He currently work at Pacific Pearl in La Jolla where they are revolutionizing primary and secondary health care by means of an integrative team approach. His other projects of passion include group-based interventions for chronic illness care and reversal and improving the end-of-life experience. 

Dr. Kalina’s vision is and has been for 3 decades to change the paradigm of medicine to one based in love, oneness and internal power.