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The Adventures of Enu

It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that I have the opportunity to introduce you to Enu. The legend was passed down to me from my father. When I was very young he would tell me adventurous tales of this mystical creature from all over the world. Now it is my turn to share Enu with you. This is Enu’s debut into the public forum – a literary lair to preserve his lore. Since I first heard about Enu my life has never been the same. Enu has changed the way I see the world and it is my hope that he does the same for you. Available now on

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For many, yoga and surfing make for essential pairing
- Del Mar Times 1-26-14

By Rob LeDonne

On the sand in Solana Beach, Sebastian Slovin is practicing his typical routine before he hops on his surfboard to catch some Pacific Ocean waves. Slovin is an avid surfer and former professional bodyboarder, moonlights as a lifeguard while he works his full-time job down the coast at the La Jolla Yoga Center as a trainer, and always makes sure to get a quick yoga session in before hitting the water. “I do it mainly to get my body warmed up... to get my breath going, my blood flowing. It makes me much more ready to surf, both mentally and physically.”read more>


His father and nature inspire former lifeguard's first book 
- Rancho Santa Fe Review 1-2-13

By Staff

A deep connection to nature and the desire to give a loving tribute to his father led local resident Sebastian Slovin to write and publish a picture book, “The Adventures of Enu: The Tale of the Giant Whale.” Created in collaboration with Blaze Syka, who designed the vibrant pen-and-ink illustrations, the work is a modern-day fable. read more>