Workshops focus on teaching practical skills to live well with technology and with intention in the digital age. Content will be customized to meet individual needs. This is a great option for classes, groups, teams, and organizations. Typical workshops focus on one (or all three) of the pillars of our curriculum: Mindfulness, Mindset and Play. Regardless of the selected workshop topic, time and attention is given to the impact of technology overuse and the benefits of nature.


our clients are often looking to:

  • Discover (or rediscover) the beauty and benefits of nature

  • Spend more time outdoors and less time inside

  • Achieve more with a goal orientation and improve their goal-making skills

  • Lean into discomfort and push the edges of their comfort zone 

  • Build capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness

  • Reclaim a spirit of playfulness and reinsert free time into their day

  • Deepen their mindfulness practice and live more intentionally

  • Regain control of the tech/media in their life by setting healthy boundaries

Our Approach

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Cultivating a practice of mindfulness is like going to the gym to train and build the muscles in your body. Incorporating mindfulness, both formally and informally, into your day helps build capacity for emotional well-being and self-regulation. That way, when you find yourself in a moment of stress or anxiety you have the tools to manage and work through it in a healthy way. Learning to live with intention is foundational to our work.


Two types of mindsets exist: fixed and growth. People with a fixed mindset believe their qualities or abilities are fixed, or static, with little room for improvement. With a growth mindset, people believe their abilities can be developed and improved with time, dedication and hard work. For them, talent and natural ability are just a starting point and failure is an opportunity for growth and new learning.


Movement is not simply another word for exercise. Going for a run or to the gym is a good way to maintain your physical and mental health. That's not breaking news. What we're interested in is helping you discover new ways to move around that you enjoy and find fun. Engaging in playful activities is restorative. Finding time to bring play back into your life, at any age, will boost your mood and physical wellbeing.

OUr books


Nature Unplugged Workbook: A Guide to Wellness and Engaged Living in the Digital Age

By Sonya Mohamed

Not for sale. Workbook is included in the price of our services and is exclusively available to our clients.


Ashes in the Ocean: A Son's Story of Living Through and Learning From His Father's Suicide

By Sebastian Slovin


The Adventures of Enu: The Tale of the Giant Whale

By Sebastian Slovin