Create healthy relationships with technology + inspire a deeper connection to nature

Our mission at Nature Unplugged is to cultivate consciousness in the digital age. That means creating healthier relationships with technology and getting folks more connected to nature. Over the years, we’ve noticed that media use and technology can be a significant barrier to goal achievement and balanced living. There’s also an ever-increasing body of research and evidence that supports the importance of connecting with nature. Our coaching promotes stepping out of your comfort zone, clarifying what’s most important to you in life, and then creating a plan to go after it.




Coaching is an emerging field that is increasingly utilized by professionals, athletes, and students. In ways it is similar to consulting and therapy, but it has some very important differences. We’ve included a diagram to help illustrate the similarities and differences between these professions. Additionally, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you via phone or in-person to see if it might be a good opportunity and fit. 

Coaching vs Therapy Image (1).jpg