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Our Mission:

Wellness through healthier relationships with technology and a deeper connection to nature.


Our Vision:

Creating conscious leaders and thriving communities through healthy relationships with nature and technology.

Meet Sebastian.


Since he can remember, nature has been a central part of Sebastian’s life. He was fortunate to grow up in a beach community and spent his childhood in the ocean bodyboarding, surfing, and swimming. He was then able to travel and experience many of the world’s great surf spots as a professional bodyboarder. Through his travel, Sebastian developed a deep love and appreciation for our natural world, and at the same time, he was strongly drawn to the practice of Yoga. His love for nature led him to a B.A. in Environment and Natural Resource Conservation. He then went on to study at the Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, California. He also holds a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. He is the author of The Adventures of Enu and Ashes in the Ocean (coming March, 2018).

Sebastian’s training includes:

  • 8 year experience as a professional bodyboarder with extensive world travel

  • BA in Geography, with an emphasis in Environment and Natural Resource Conservation

  • MA in Leadership Studies, with coaching certification from the University of San Diego

  • RYT (Certified Yoga Instructor) 11 years experience

  • ACE (Personal Training)

  • CPR, AED, WAFA Certified

  • 10 years experience as an ocean lifeguard



Meet Sonya.

 Sonya Mohamed - Nature Unplugged

An east-coast native, Sonya grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has enjoyed living across the states and abroad. She has lived in southern California for over three years now, and recently planted roots in Encinitas, California with her husband, Sebastian Slovin. 

Embodying the spirit of a life-long learner, Sonya recently completed her second master's degree in leadership studies from the University of San Diego, where she is also currently employed. Firm in her belief that joy, peace and happiness can be found through mindful communication, simplicity, movement and continuous learning, she is excited to join Sebastian at Nature Unplugged. 

Read Sonya's resume.